BAHRAIN: Obstacles for pro-democracy students

Universities across Bahrain have opened for the new academic year, but a number of students who support the nation's pro-democracy movement say various obstacles are preventing them from entering the classroom, writes Phillip Walter Wellman for Voice of America.

Roughly 400 students from different universities were expelled for participating in 'unauthorised protests' after widespread civil unrest broke out in Bahrain in February. In a gesture of reconciliation, King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa announced last month that those who had been dismissed should be allowed to resume their studies. However, scores of young Bahrainis have yet to be reinstated.

At Bahrain Polytechnic, 31 expelled undergraduates are still waiting to return to class, including a second-year student who asked to be identified only as TA. Some of TA's peers were punished for simply posting information criticising the government on social media sites. He says the king's announcement added to their frustration. "We are forgiven for our mistakes, but we didn't do anything wrong. We should return [to studying] no matter what," said TA.
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