UK: University 'pathways' to international students

An increasing number of UK universities are linking with private education companies to offer study and language preparation programmes that aim to not just to improve the skills of international students but create new opportunities to promote their courses in an increasingly competitive global student market. However, pressures to enrol are raising concerns, writes Amy Baker for the Guardian.

Brighton University is one of a growing number of higher education institutions linking up with private providers to establish 'academic pathway' programmes. From this month a new faculty will open on the campus. The university's International College, a joint venture with US private education provider Kaplan, will provide a staging post for students from outside the UK who need to raise their English language proficiency and hone their study skills before embarking on degree-level studies.

Students who successfully complete the International College programme will be guaranteed entry to the course of their choice. But the University and College Union has concerns, including working standards for staff on some pathway operations, and assured enrolments for international students who might not be up to scratch.
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