CANADA: Bunnies bounced from college campus

A Canadian university has "officially declared the campus to be rabbit-free" after years of occupation by enthusiastically breeding bunnies and over-feeding by students, reports FM World.

The notice by the University of Victoria, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, marks the end of a long struggle by the FM department to evict the estimated 1,600 cute critters amid protests from students and animal rights groups.

A delicate issue for the FM department was that the rabbits had become well known throughout North America, thanks to videos posted on the Internet.

The European rabbits - not native to Canada - are descendants of former unwanted pets let loose on the university grounds more than a decade ago. Videos show them everywhere - lounging on grassy knolls, hopping along paths, running around trees and looking for any handouts from students happy to share sandwiches and snacks.
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