EGYPT: Four university heads resign before elections

The president of Cairo University, Hossam Kamel, and the presidents of Helwan, Fayoum and Al-Wadi Al-Gadeed universities resigned last week before the end of their term ahead of the first ever elections to choose new leaders, writes Tamim Elyan for Daily News Egypt.

However, six other university presidents refused to resign, while the remaining eight stepped down because their legal term had ended, giving way to elections. Minister of Higher Education Moataz Khorshid said in press statements that he will accept the resignations and that he does not have the authority to dismiss any university president.

University presidents will be chosen through an electoral college system while deans of faculties and department heads will be chosen through direct elections. Professors and students have been organising protests demanding the dismissal of appointed presidents, deans and department heads in favour of open elections.
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Also for the Daily News Egypt, Safaa Abdoun writes that for the first time in decades, the executive office for the Student Union for Egyptian Universities was elected last week, with the participation of public and private universities from across the country. The executive office includes seven members, five from public universities and two from private universities.
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