AUSTRALIA: Airport officials cancel 159 student visas

More than 150 overseas students returning to Australia in the last financial year were intercepted by immigration authorities at the airport over visa breaches and put on a plane home within 72 hours, writes Bernard Lane for The Australian. And of 470,221 people who arrived on a student visa, nearly 9,000 were questioned by officials.

Indians were the largest group (55) with student visas cancelled at the airport, followed by Chinese (37). Most had vocational education visas (84) or higher education visas (66). The figures were released by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship following an application by the newspaper under Freedom of Information legislation.

In 2010-11, the most common breach leading to cancellation of a student visa at the airport was failure to maintain an enrolment or no longer attending classes. Federation of Indian Students of Australia spokesman Gautam Gupta said the airport crackdowns were "perceived to be retribution because students protested" against attacks on Indian students in 2009.
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