EAST AFRICA: Call for harmonisation of student fees

The president of the Inter-University Council for East Africa, IUCEA, Professor Silas Lwakabamba, has called on higher education institutions in the East African Community to charge citizens from member states the same tuition fees as local students, reports The New Times.

The IUCEA is a regional body comprising more than 70 higher education institutions within the bloc. Lwakabamba, who is also Rector of the National University of Rwanda, said that while since 2009 students from EAC countries had paid similar fees as Rwandan nationals at his university, other institutions were yet to follow suit. "Implementation is different. In Rwanda, we are doing it [harmonising] but other countries, like Uganda and Kenya, are not," he said.

Last month, when ministers of education from the EAC approved a report to advance the harmonisation of education systems in the region, there was no consensus on tuition fees.
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