US: Promoting global science

A new partnership between the National Science Foundation and the US Agency for International Development will allow scientists from developing countries to apply and compete for support of research projects involving NSF-funded US colleagues, writes Susan R Morrissey for Chemical and Engineering News. The NSF will fund the US component of these projects, while USAID will foot the bill for the international researchers.

Launched on 7 July, the Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research (PEER) aims to leverage scientific knowledge and resources of US scientists to build research capacity in developing countries and long-term links with the US. On the same day, the two agencies signed a memorandum of understanding outlining their intent to work together to improve higher education and research capacity abroad.

"This is a win-win partnership," said NSF Director Subra Suresh. "The US scientific community benefits from more robust international partnerships and an increased awareness of how research can be used to address global development challenges. Our foreign partners benefit from the expertise and enthusiasm of the US scientific community, the engagement of US universities, and an understanding that science can build bridges."
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