ISRAEL: Arabs under-represented in universities

The Arab population of Israel suffers from underrepresentation in the country's higher education system and the government will make efforts to remedy this situation, Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar said on Monday, reports Ben Hartman for The Jerusalem Post.

Sa'ar's comments came during a hearing held by the Parliamentary Committee on Absorbing Arabs into Public Service, where figures were presented that revealed a disproportionately low percentage of Arabs in Israel's academic system.

Head of the committee, MK Ahmed Tibi, presented a number of findings, including that out of 10,500 higher education faculty members in Israel, only 280 (2.7%) are Arabs, a number far lower than their percentage in the general population, which stands at around 20%. The figures also showed that there is only one Arab employee out of 85 workers in the Council for Higher Education.
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