US: Big jump in California's non-resident students

The University of California's campaign to recruit more high-paying non-resident students appears to be paying off, reports Terence Chea for Associated Press. New data released on Thursday showed big jumps in out-of-state and international students who intend to enroll at the university's nine undergraduate campuses this autumn.

The number of out-of-staters among incoming freshman and transfer students rose 58% to 2,613, while the number of international students increased by 25% to 5,723. The number of incoming students from California dipped slightly to 51,715.

Nonresident students will make up 13.9% of incoming freshmen and transfer students this autumn, up from 10.7% last year and 9.2% two years ago. The most selective campuses will see the biggest increases in out-of-state and international students. Non-residents will make up about 30% of incoming freshman at UC Berkeley, 18% at Los Angeles and 18% at San Diego.
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