EUROPE: Promoting creativity in doctoral education

Some 200 university leaders, researchers, politicians and other stakeholders are meeting this week in Madrid to discuss how universities can support the development of talented young researchers embarking on a PhD by implementing structures and creating conditions aimed at promoting creativity and innovation in doctoral education.

The experts will gather at the Carlos III University for the annual meeting of the EUA Council for Doctoral Education, a major gathering of all European stakeholders in the field of doctoral education.

EUA Secretary General Lesley Wilson said one of the goals of doctoral education was to nurture "the innovative research mindset". Achieving this required the development of a high level of autonomy and critical thinking as well as the ability to think independently and creatively about highly complex issues.

"This innovative mindset is a precondition for the development of the knowledge society and universities have a great responsibility to provide the training through research that cultivates the innovative mind," Wilson said.

As well as keynote presentations, those attending will also hear case studies on a variety of issues that affect creativity such as how university structures can support creativity; assuring individual freedom in supervision arrangements; focusing on the individual in career development; and creating a diverse portfolio of doctoral programmes in the institution

More information about the event is available here.