CANADA: Wikileaks alleges anti-US university bias

A US Embassy official studying at the University of Ottawa apparently experienced first-hand what American officials describe as the 'anti-American biases' of Canada's universities and academics, writes Keith Bonnell for Postmedia News.

The story is told in a diplomatic cable from the US Embassy in Ottawa, which was written in 2009 and released publicly last week by the whistleblower website WikiLeaks. The cable contends that a "shallow anti-Americanism" is showing itself in Canada, its academics, its universities and its politics.

The leaked document describes an unnamed embassy official who was studying as a part-time graduate student at the university in Ottawa. During an international human rights law class, the professor would routinely ask students which country was "again noticeably absent" from those that had ratified international human rights treaties, the cable says. Instead of answering, students in the class reportedly would point at the embassy official to indicate the US as the country in question.
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