BAHRAIN: Regime accused of harassing students in UK

The British government has called on Bahrain to respect the rights of students after reports of harassment of students protesting against the regime, Matthew Taylor writes for the Guardian. Previously the newspaper wrote that Bahrain stood accused of putting intense pressure on families of students in Britain who were photographed attending a peaceful protest in Manchester in solidarity with the country's pro-democracy movement.

The Bahrain government has stripped government-funded scholarships from those who attended the event last month, the students say, and told parents to order their children home. The students said at least nine people studying in Manchester, London, Newcastle and other universities had seen their subsistence grants removed and had been told their tuition payments would be axed. Some of the students' families also received visits from the Bahraini authorities, according to Amin Elwassila, an Arab activist in Manchester who is supporting the group.
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