UK: The rise of dual profession lecturers

The number of lecturers choosing to combine part-time teaching with a second job in a related field is on the up, writes Debbie Andalo for The Guardian.

Whether they are doctors, city economists or musicians in their non-academic life, part-time lecturers say teaching forces them to keep their practice, and their knowledge, up to date. But they also believe they bring a different perspective to the workplace compared to colleagues who are full-time academics.

The number of lecturers who juggle two careers is likely to increase as the government looks to universities to improve their links with the workplace and deliver more professional postgraduate courses. The University and College Union's policy officer for higher education Rob Copeland agrees: "The government is keen to promote this as there is a view that having practical experience enhances the student experience and it is certainly something which is encouraged by the institutions."
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