US-INDIA: 700 Tri-Valley students to be relocated

US authorities have indicated that the cases of about 700 of 1,550 Indian students affected by the closure of California's dubious Tri-Valley University are being processed for transfer to other universities, writes S Rajagopalan for Express Buzz.

The fate of the remaining students is not yet known, and Ambassador Meera Shankar has said India would be satisfied only when the cases of all its students are settled in a fair manner. But those closely following the Tri-Valley developments regard the news of transfer accommodation for 700 students as a positive development.

The action came in the wake of India seeking Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's personal intervention. In a communication sent to Shankar, Clinton has sought to assure India that the cases of all affected students are being considered carefully and that they would receive a "fair and appropriate treatment". Clinton took note of the fact that more than 100,000 Indian students enrol in American universities every year and said the US would be glad to host an even higher number of Indian students in the coming years.
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