CANADA: Rising enrolment strains university budgets

Canadian universities are bursting at the seams as enrolment continues to rise, and some university insiders worry that they will not be able to handle the strain, reports CTV. National enrolment numbers have reached a record high and experts predict they will keep rising over the next five years.

In Ontario, the province with the most universities, schools are poised for another boost in enrolment this autumn. The latest figures show the number of high school students applying to the province's 20 universities has gone up 2.4% over last year. Universities had received 383,403 applications by the 12 January deadline, according to the Council of Ontario Universities. That is 49% more than in 2000.

The continuous rise in enrolment is "a good sign", proof that students understand the requirements of a knowledge-based economy, Bonnie Patterson, the council's president and CEO, said on Friday. But it also raises concerns in terms of funding to accommodate the growing student body without compromising the quality of education, she said.
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