CHINA: Universities chase rankings - study

A recent study shows that moving up in the rankings lists is a general ambition of China's universities, and that rankings affects their strategic planning, reports Pang Qi for Global Times. The study, conducted by Liu Niancai, dean of the Graduate School of Education in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, researched 16 Chinese and international rankings.

The resulting report, "Empirical Research of University Rankings in China and Abroad: Index, weight and Impact", found that university principals and departments have made pushing up the university ranks a common aim.

Some universities were found to have established a mechanism to supervise changes in position and data referring to their situation, Liu was quoted as saying by the Changjiang Daily. The study disclosed that rankings affect policy-making and reform of universities, as higher education institutions consider their rank when formulating strategic plans, said the report.

Full report on the Global Times site