UK: Vice-chancellors' pay hike prompts row

More than 950 university staff, including all vice-chancellors, were paid more than the British prime minister, an 8% increase on the year before, write Tom Rowley and Graeme Paton for The Daily Telegraph.

The recent disclosure prompted claims that universities were showing an "arrogant disregard" for public opinion. It comes just weeks after ministers backed plans to triple the cap on student tuition fees from just over £3,000 (US$4,769) to £9,000 a year, sparking riots in Westminster and prompting fears that some teenagers will be priced out of higher education. The move also comes despite the biggest cuts to university budgets in a generation.

Universities defended the rises, saying large pay packets were necessary to allow them to attract the best talent and compete with leading institutions overseas. Yet the average pay packet was £254,000 (US$403,834), more than five times the average academic salary of almost £47,000.
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