UGANDA: Nation plots to reap from education export

As Uganda solidifies plans to become a regional education hub, the Uganda Exports Promotion Board (UEPB) has started discussions with 20 universities on how to package and market Uganda's higher education for export, writes David Mugabe for New Vision.

Besides having the potential to become the region's food basket (60% of East Africa's arable land is in Uganda), the country has a niche in higher education in Sub-Saharan Africa because of an edge in certain demographics. According to the export promotions body, the talks with universities will see increased marketing of education in the next three years to realise the country's potential.

A Commonwealth Secretariat research paper, "Marketing Uganda's Higher Education", says Uganda has the edge over her neighbours in the region because the cost of living and education is cheap. Uganda is also the only country in the region that accommodates special needs students. Export of education yielded $32 million in 2004-05 or about 25% of earnings from coffee.
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