SWEDEN: Universities suffer enrolment drop

The number of first-time students in Sweden's universities declined in the autumn session overall, but the number of new students from other countries increased ahead of the introduction of tuition fees for non-EU students next year, reports The Local.

A total of 78,100 first-time students began university studies in the autumn, 2% less than last year, according to a statement from the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education last week. Although the number of first-time Swedish students declined to 58,700, the number of new students from other countries increased, meaning the number of new Swedish students fell 6%.

"What we see is that the new Swedish entrants are fewer this autumn than in 2009. We think it is because last year was an extreme year, probably due to the very bad economy and bad labour market for young people. We see there are far fewer Swedes going to university now," Ellen Almgren of the agency told The Local on Wednesday. Whether the increase in foreign students was a result of the pending introduction of tuition fees remained to be seen, she added.
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