DR CONGO: Private institutions get state approval

Confusion in the private sector of higher education over obtaining state ratification of staff grades has ended following evaluation by the Ministry of Higher and University Education, reported Le Potentiel of Kinshasa.

Private higher education institutions are required to conform to the same conditions governing those in the state sector, but had lacked statutory authorisation.

Now, said Le Potentiel, the Committee of State Ratification of Statutory Grades for Academic and Scientific Staff in the Private Sector of Higher and University Education had ended the discrimination.

The committee assessed 87 cases from 10 private institutions when it met this month.

A circular sent by the minister Léonard Mashako Mamba to the heads of private institutions said the government had authorised the committee to give statutory approval to the grades of their academic and scientific employees "taking account of the insufficient number of teaching staff and with a clarifying the academic situation of those personnel in the private sector and...having control over the actual number of teachers working in this sector".

The private institutions concerned were the Institut supérieur en sciences infirmières, the Institut supérieur panafricain de santé communautaire in Bunia, the Institut supérieur de management des Grands Lacs, the Institut supérieur médical Réhobot, the Université méthodiste au Katanga, Université de Mbuji-Mayi, Institut universitaire Morave, Institut supérieur pédagogique CECA-20 of Bunia, Université catholique de Bukavu, and Université catholique de Graben.

Le Potentiel said the institutions' heads expressed their pleasure at the move, as it was time for the supervisory ministry to end 'this discrimination' which had made them think they had been "abandoned and without respect".

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