UK: Reluctance to study abroad a 'pressing issue'

A new study suggests that Britain's economic future could be jeopardised unless more students embrace overseas experience, reports The Guardian.

Fewer than one in every 200 UK university students spend part of their degree in another European country - almost a third fewer than in France or Germany, figures from a study conducted by the British Council reveal.

Martin Davidson, chief executive of the British Council, warned that there was a "real risk that the UK's competitive edge could be eroded by graduates with little experience of other parts of the world". He said UK students showed "an astonishing reluctance" to leave the UK.
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The reason I never went overseas to study part of my degree in another country was mainly down to one thing: I didn't know I could. I worked overseas during my summer breaks, so did get an overseas experience, but I - and most like me - always associated overseas with working. It wasn't until I returned to study postgraduate qualifications at another university that I became aware of myriad options open to students who wish to study a semester abroad.