US: Money fuels environmentalist boom on campuses

Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, has pledged to be completely carbon-neutral by 2020. On the West Coast, the University of California-Santa Cruz saves an estimated $300,000 on water each year by eliminating trays in its dining halls. And the University of Georgia, which subsidises public transportation on campus, now has nearly 30 student organisations related to sustainability, writes Brian Wingfield for Forbes.com.

These schools all make the Forbes' annual list of America's Greenest Colleges and Universities, and if they're any indication, environmentalism is booming on campuses nationwide.

Among the reasons: money. By investing in energy-efficiency measures, schools can save millions of dollars over the long haul. In addition, schools are increasingly aware that if they want to attract the best students, they need to show a commitment to sustainability.
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