INDIA: Urgent need to deregulate higher education

India's National Knowledge Commission chairman Sam Pitroda last week stressed the need to deregulate education, calling it the need of the hour, reports India Edunews.

"We don't need central or state control of universities and colleges. Today the challenge is to deregulate education," Pitroda said, addressing a conclave organised by the Indian Institute of Technology alumni group PanIIT. "That's what we did to economy in 1991. That is what we need to do to education in 2011," he stressed.

Pitroda also emphasised that there was need to urgently pass the educational reform bills, and expressed dissatisfaction over the fact that they have been delayed, including the National Commission for Higher Education and Research Bill. "There is no sense of urgency over passing the education reform bills, many of them have not even been tabled yet," he said.
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