GLOBAL: e-Store opens for genome research tools

Biomedical researchers working in the fields of drug discovery, protein production and gene function can now buy research kits online from French specialist in genome customisation Cellectis Bioresearch - wherever in the world they are based.

Cellectis Bioresearch is a subsidiary of Cellectis, a company that specialises in genome engineering, designing and marketing innovative tools known as meganucleases. These 'molecular scissors' enable targeted modifications to DNA with applications in the research, biomanufacturing, agrobiotechnology and therapeutic sectors, according to Cellectis.

Launched in 2008, Cellectis Bioresearch develops and markets targeted integration kits for use with Collectis' meganuclease technologies. It provides life science researchers with tools for genome customisation that enable engineering of cells with optimised features for the three areas of drug discovery, protein production and functional genomics, says the company.

Its new website includes an 'e-store' where its cellular genome positioning system (cGPS®) and cGPS® custom kits - which include a cell line, an integration matrix and a maganuclease - are available for sale to researchers all over the world. Documents for each product are provided, including explanatory illustrations, scientific results, and detailed and validated protocols.

Luc Selig, vice-president of sales and marketing at Cellectis Bioresearch, said: "The launch of a website with online purchasing capacities was a vital step in improving researchers' access to our meganuclease technology. Our product offering has expanded rapidly and we now market over 100 different products."

Parent company Cellectis was set up in 1999 and is located near Paris and in Minnesota, US. It has signed over 50 contracts with pharmaceutical, seed and biotechnology companies worldwide, and entered more than 20 academic research partnerships.

Since 2007 it has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange-Euronext Alternext market in Paris, and has received funding of more than EUR70 million (US$ 97.7 million) since its inception.