CANADA: Toronto recalls misspelled diplomas

University diplomas represent many long nights of essay writing, preparation for mid-terms and the frantic study binge the night before the final exam. Students work hard to cross the floor at graduation and proudly accept their diploma. So, imagine that the big moment finally arrives and there is a typo on your diploma.

That is exactly what happened to graduating students from the University of Toronto this past spring.

According to a report in the Toronto Star nearly 1,350 graduates have had their diplomas recalled after it was discovered the title of then-vice-president and principal Ian Orchard was incorrect.

"The printing error on the diploma does not affect the validity of the degree," said Jane Stirling, spokeswoman for University of Toronto Mississauga, the campus from where the diplomas were issued. "Graduates have earned their degrees and may continue to use the degree designation."

One thousand and sixty-two graduates from June and 283 from last November have been affected by the error. Stirling admits that the diploma is tangible evidence of the students' achievements and should therefore not have any errors.

Those with incorrect diplomas will be able to go to the university and pick up a new one, send someone in their place or have the school ship the diploma to them at no cost.