UK-DUBAI: Executive MBAs partner across borders

Students enrolled in the Executive Masters in Business Administration (EMBA) programme at Britain's London Business School now have the opportunity to work in partnership with students attending the Dubai stream of the programme, as the school launches its first internationally integrated curriculum.

The 20-month EMBA programme began its new format in the first week of September. It will enable 130 students taking the course at the school's London and Dubai centres, many of whom have at least 10 years' business experience, to come together and learn from one another in an international environment.

Students who take either the London or Dubai stream of the EMBA programme will attend two extra sections together at the London campus as well as working together in London in different elective courses and on international assignments and events throughout the 20 months of coursework.

"The new programme structure now provides all our Executive MBAs with greater diversity of learning and internationalises their networks from day one," says Ruth Martel, programme director for London Business School.

The initiative follows a review of the curriculum. "Not only does the Dubai stream benefit from a greater connection with the heart of our community, but our London-based students have an opportunity to gain an understanding of business in the Middle East - an increasingly important region in global business," Martel says.

"It's great to know that Dubai students get the same programme as our colleagues in London. Linking with London more closely also means you automatically broaden your network," says EMBA student Mohammed Alzubi, who is also director of technology and investment at the Dubai silicon investment authority.

The programme is expected to encourage strong connections between these professional students and help them gain contacts that will last beyond the campus.

"Welcoming a new class is always exciting but the buzz created by two streams coming together is really special," says Martel.