UK: Minister to stop 'abuse' of student visa system

Damian Green, the UK immigration minister, has promised a "thorough evaluation" over the coming months because of what he called "significant abuse" of the student visa system, write Hélène Mulholland and Jessica Shepherd for The Guardian. He stressed the government's commitment to a review of the points-based system after figures showed that the number of students going to the UK from outside Europe to study increased by more than 75,000 in the 12 months to March.

Despite the rise, the number of students who went to Britain last year was significantly lower than it was three years ago - before the points-based system was introduced. The UK Council for International Student Affairs warned that the system had made it more difficult for overseas students applying for visas and warned against the spectre of "more change".

According to Home Office figures, some 313,011 non-EU students were granted visas in the 12 months to March, bringing with them 31,385 dependants. This figure was up from 235,295 students and 24,780 dependants the previous year, but lower than 2007, when 358,000 students entered the country to study, along with 17,100 dependants.
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