US: Illegal immigrants hold 'teach-in' to push bill

They can't get US citizenship or in-state tuition rates, so they're taking the next steps - the Capitol and White House steps, that is - write Suzanne Gamboa and Russell Contreras for Associated Press. A coalition of student immigrant advocacy groups on Wednesday launched a makeshift school in Washington DC, reminiscent of the 'teach-ins' of the 1960s, to encourage a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants through college enrolment.

The first class at 'Dream University', a school with informal classes and volunteer professors and instructors from around the country, was held on Wednesday outside the White House, with more planned in the weeks ahead. Students don't get credit for the classes, but they're free. The first class of about 27 students, several wearing white DREAM University T-shirts, gathered at Lafayette Park, across from the White House.

Cady Landa, a former Boston public schoolteacher, led the students in a discussion of a report recently released by the Migration Policy Institute, a Washington think tank.
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