CHINA: 'Elites' accused of fabricating degrees

The resumes of about 100 Chinese 'elites' have been revised on Hudong Wiki, a pilot Chinese-language encyclopedia website, after the former president of Microsoft China, Tang Jun, was accused of fabricating his academic credentials, writes Chen Jia for Xinhaunet.

"The information about Tang has been changed three times on our website," Beijing News quoted Wu Yanpeng, vice-president of Hudong Wiki, as saying last weekend. The statement that "Tang got a doctoral degree from the California Institute of Technology" has been deleted, Wu said. "As for other elites whose data was rewritten on Hudong Wiki, the revisions are mostly about their educational backgrounds and degrees, which have recently become sensitive topics."

Whether the data was revised by the elites themselves or someone else remains unclear, as Hudong Wiki allows for the free editing of its pages by registered users.
Full report on the Xinhaunet site