CHINA: Students still look to Britain despite limits

A controversial plan by the British coalition government to cap the number of skilled immigrants from non-EU countries seems unlikely to stop enthusiastic Chinese from pursuing higher education in the UK, write Ma Liyao and Zhang Haizhou for Xinhuanet.

"I am thinking twice about my plan of studying abroad and looking at other countries, but it seems the UK is still most likely to remain my final choice," said Bai Jing, a student in her final year of journalism at Wuhan-based Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

The 21-year-old chose the UK for advanced courses in media studies so that she could complete her masters degree in only one year.

Britain's new coalition government is considering a yearly cap on the number of non-EU highly-skilled and skilled workers entering the country. British Home Secretary Theresa May, who announced the plan in late June, also said the country would introduce further curbs on international students "in due course".
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