NORWAY: International Polar Year conference

The largest conference to be held with polar and climate researchers will this week focus on the rapid climate changes in the Arctic and the global effects of these changes.

Crown Prince Haakon of Norway will open the International Polar Year Oslo Scientific Conference on Tuesday where more than 2,000 participants from 70 countries will sum up experiences of the fourth International Polar Year 2007-09.

Among keynote speakers are some of the best known international climate and polar scientists, ministers from several countries and representatives of indigenous people.

Six thematic panels with 1,200 presentations will examine linkages between polar regions and the global system; past, present and future changes in Polar regions; Polar ecosystems and biodiversity; human dimensions of change; new frontiers, data practices and directions in polar research; Polar science education, outreach and communication.

Many associated attractions have been organised for the wider public. In Oslo harbour, several large research ships are open, there is a special polar cinema and a Polar Festival will be held in the main square of the City Hall.

BBC journalist Sue Nelson will chair a Polar Exchange Session that will be available on webcast.

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