CANADA: Universities pledge to indigenous peoples

With a ceremonial prayer to Mother Earth and a joyous stomp dance for good measure, Canada's aboriginal leaders on Tuesday hailed a new accord on indigenous education, writes Peggy Curran for the Montreal Gazette. The pact, developed by deans of education across the country, was signed by aboriginal leaders during a ceremony at the Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences, held at Montreal's Concordia University.

The framework agreement aims to foster greater awareness of aboriginal culture and learning and to promote partnerships between educational institutions and Canada's 615 First Nations.

"I think we are entering a new era of education for Aboriginal Peoples," said National Inuit Leader Mary Simon, president of the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, who said she senses a shift in approach and attitudes since the federal government issued a formal apology for the treatment of Aboriginal Peoples in residential schools.
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