BURKINA FASO: Scientific agreement with French

Social and health sciences are among priority areas in an agreement of cooperation between Burkina Faso's National Centre of Scientific Research and Technology and the French Institute of Research for Development.

The agreement setting out the framework and general conditions for collaboration between the two organisations was signed in Ouagadougou last month by Professor Basile Laetare Guissou, Manager of the Burkina Faso CNRST, and Professor Michel Laurent, director general of the IRD, reported Sidawaya Quotidien of Ouagadougou.

Priorities for cooperation cover social sciences, health sciences, agricultural and environmental research, and applied and technological sciences. Its results are expected to be visible in the medium to long term, said Sidawaya.

The agreement provides for implementation of joint research programmes, international mixed research entities, and expert evaluations to be carried out at the request of one or other party. It also concerns collaboration in holding courses in research and further training for staff and students, organising conferences, and calls for tender for research projects at national, regional and international levels.

Guissou said the agreement would open new prospects for the centre and allow it to position itself better internationally.