CANADA: Average tenured professor earns more than $100,000

The average salary for full-time tenured professors at many leading Canadian universities is well above $100,000, according to new figures from Statistics Canada, reports Bradley Bouzane for Canwest News Service.

The figures, released in a report on Wednesday, included salaries from nearly 100 institutions from 2007-08 and showed that tenured professors from 14 universities earned in excess of $130,000 annually. Average salaries at the University of Toronto were the highest in the country at $157,566 for full-time professors.

When accounting for all levels of university instructors, from assistant and associate professors to faculty deans, the average salaries at Canadian universities were significantly less. Jim Turk, executive director of the Canadian Association of University Teachers, said that when the amount of education required to reach tenure was considered, lecturers often made less than other professionals, such as engineers and lawyers, despite their vast qualifications.
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