KENYA: Enrolment chaos undermines degree quality

Kenyan universities are admitting students for courses they have not registered with the Commission for Higher Education, deepening a simmering higher education quality crisis and exposing graduates to the risk of rejection in the labour market, writes Mwaura Kimani for Business Daily.

The CHE says many of the courses for which thousands of students are enrolled have not been accredited and can therefore not be recognised as offering proper qualification to the various disciplines - putting thousands of careers on the line. The commission spoke after a number of graduates reported being denied admission various professional bodies such as the Institute of Surveyors of Kenya, the Chartered Institute of Accountants and the association of nurses on the grounds of holding certificates from unrecognised colleges.

It has emerged that the main culprits in the crisis that is threatening to shred the credibility of Kenyan degrees are private universities, which are establishing departments and launching new courses before getting mandatory accreditation.
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