SOUTH AFRICA: Ring of steel for Cape Town students

An ambitious safety plan, which includes moving a police station, has been launched to protect University of Cape Town students, staff and neighbouring areas from violent crime, reports Murray Williams for Independent Online. The plan followed a series of murders of students and academics in recent years.

University of Cape Town students Dominic Giddy and Benny Pakiso Moqobane were killed in February and September, while Cape Peninsula University of Technology student Masoa Pheello was murdered in January. Cape Town law professor Mike Larkin was murdered in 2006 and education professor Kevin Rochford was murdered in 2007.

The new safety plan involves the local and provincial governments, police and the university presenting a combined front against crime. The plan includes a new network of CCTV cameras, improvement of the neighbourhood, increased raids on "problem properties" and nightclubs, the introduction of "safe routes" for students, and moving a police station closer to the university.
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