US: University must let Ayers speak - judge

Former Weather Underground militant Bill Ayers lectured at the University of Wyoming last week after a federal judge ruled he could not be barred from speaking on campus, reports CNN. US District Judge William Downes ordered on Tuesday that the university must take "all prudent steps" to guarantee Ayers' security at his lecture.

The university had argued that "serious threats" prompted it to cancel the appearance by Ayers, who is now a University of Illinois education professor. Ayers became a footnote to the 2008 presidential campaign because of his history of violent opposition to the Vietnam War and his acquaintance with then-candidate Barack Obama.

Downes' two-page order requires university officials to take "all prudent steps to maintain order and provide for the security of participants and spectators". University officials won't appeal the order, said spokeswoman Jessica Lowell.
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