MADAGASCAR: Impecunious students protest

Students at the University Nord d'Antsiranana took to the streets to protest against non- payment of a 10% increase in grants and other benefits promised by the Minister for Higher Education three weeks before, reported l'Express de Madagascar of Antananarivo.

The Minister, Athanase Tongavelo, had announced the increase at an official ceremony at the university on 26 March. But the extra money was not forthcoming.

The students' protest this month began after they had tried to meet the university president, Jacky Mahafaly Tsindopy, to draw attention to their impecunious conditions. L'Express said the students complained their claims were treated casually and they were badly received, and that the university authorities were incapable of dealing with their demands.

They demonstrated peacefully in Antsiranana with banners embellished with slogans proclaiming "Dying of hunger!" and "Where is our money?" After barricading the entrances to the university, calm was restored the following day.