DUBAI: Foreign universities to be scrutinised

Dubai, with the highest number of international branch campuses in the Middle East, has set up a quality review process, writes Afshan Ahmed in the Khaleej Times. Universities hope the process adopted in the emirate will raise student confidence in branch campuses, with the education authority's University Quality Assurance International Board aiming to remove the rotten eggs from the basket of higher education institutions.

"The goal is to make sure that we have a large number of institutions that maintain the quality we expect, which is good for the students, for their families and their potential employers," said Warren Fox, Executive Director of UQAIB.

The board, which consists of 10 international education experts, was established a year-and-a-half ago with the purpose of implementing a process to review branch campuses in Dubai free zones for quality assurance. It is based on a validation model that ensures university branches offer the same standards and programmes of their home campuses.
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