CANADA: Alumni acquires un-naming rights to biz school

Facing the prospect of a corporate title on the doorway, graduates of the University of Alberta School of Business started a campaign that raised more than C$20 million (US$19.9 million) to keep the name just as it is, writes, Elise Stolte in the Edmonton Journal.

"People are loving it. It's almost like counter-culture," said Mike House, a member of the team that raised the funds. Rather than honouring a single alumni who made it big, the name represents the whole community, he said. "They're not about putting themselves first." Preserving the name is a way of thinking for the future, he said.

The $20.5 million will be invested to support the school. Some of the interest will fund the salary of a new research chair position. Other funds will support the general operating fund to make it less reliant on provincial government budgets, while some will support scholarships.
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