KENYA: University projects stalled, some for 20 years

A public university in Kenya requires at least 2.1 billion shillings (US$27.4 million) to complete stalled projects - some of them started nearly 20 years ago. The parliamentary investment committee, or PIC, established that Egerton University's projects had ground to a halt due to lack of funds.

"It is unbelievable that the projects started as early as 1989 are yet to be completed," said Mithika Linturi, chair of the PIC.

The university's Vice-chancellor, Professor James Tuitoek, told the committee the government had been forced to pay the 732 million shillings to various companies to terminate their contracts.

While taking the committee around eight of the stalled projects at the Njoro campus, Tuitoek said that when completed, the projects would enable the university to absorb 2,000 additional students. The stalled projects include a chemistry block, student housing, physical science and administration buildings, and an agronomy block.

PIC chair Linturi said: "It is very sad that these projects had to stall because of poor planning and yet a lot of monies have already been used."

The committee said it was important for the ministries of higher education, science and technology and of finance to ensure allocation of funds needed to complete the projects in the next financial year.

This is not surprising given the degree of corruption in government. No public services work in Kenya any more. I wish our government would serve the people the way it promises to during campaign meetings