CHINA: Anger over college entrance bonus point abuses

An ongoing public survey has shown that almost 80% of Chinese want the abolition of a bonus points policy for some candidates taking the annual National College Entrance Examination, or NCEE, the official Xinhua news agency reports. The controversial policy allows candidates to receive additional points if they are from an ethnic minority or are outstanding students academically or athletically.

Public complaints about the policy have surged since candidates were caught lying about their ethnic status or 'buying' an outstanding student title or second-class athlete certificate. Receiving additional points to raise NCEE results can be decisive for enrolment at colleges and universities. Every summer about 10 million Chinese sit the annual NCEE, which is widely regarded as a make-or-break event in their lives.

The survey was initiated by, a leading public opinion site run by the China Youth Daily newspaper, after the central government invited public opinions on a draft of the National Outline for Medium and Long-Term Education Reform and Development (2010-2020) published last Monday.
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