NIGERIA: UK calls for investment in higher education

Nigeria's government has been called on to invest significantly in higher education to cater for an increasing number of applicants who are denied access annually, reports This Day. Country Director of the British Council, David Higgs, said most Nigerians attend foreign universities because they cannot secure a place in a local university.

Higgs made the call during the Council's 7th Annual Education Exhibition in Lagos. More than 50 UK institutions participated in exhibitions held there and in the capital Abuja last month. He said the current situation, where only 10% of qualified secondary school leavers get admitted, leaves a huge deficit that can only be corrected through massive investment by the government and existing universities, as well as the support of other stakeholders.

He described growth in the number of private universities as a welcome development, saying: "I think it is a positive thing as long as they operate in a well regulated environment so that students can get value for their money."
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