ARAB STATES: Grants to encourage women's studies

The Arab Women Organization has announced five research grants for young researchers in women's studies, and a prize for higher academic and scientific research into questions related to women. Candidates must be nationals of one of the organisation's member states.

La Presse of Tunis has given details of the awards which are designed to encourage research into women's studies. Tunisia currently holds the presidency of the organisation.

The five research grants, each for US$5,000, are open to first-time female or male candidates preparing for masters or doctors degrees on a subject concerning Arab women within the field of social sciences. They must contribute towards realising the aims of the organisation, such as awareness and improvement of women's conditions. One of the grants will be awarded to a project about the realities for Arab women in war, occupation and armed conflict.

The social sciences prize of US$14,000 will be awarded to a project by an individual and published within the past two years presenting a scientific dimension highlighting the situation of women in the field of social sciences. There will be two categories, one devoted to the theme 'Women and peace'.

The Arab Women Organization was established in 2003 with the aim of empowering Arab women and building their capacities as human beings and citizens. It also seeks to engage women as equal partners in development. Member countries are Algeria, Bahrein, Egypt, Emirates, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen.