NEW ZEALAND: 600 Otago University students disciplined

More than 600 University of Otago students were disciplined last year for criminal or disorderly behaviour and dishonesty, writes Allison Rudd for the Otago Daily Times. Their offending included electronically altering exam results, falsifying documents, plagiarism, stealing other students' work or possessions, setting couches on fire, assault, trespass, wilful damage and offensive behaviour, discipline reports released by the university showed.

Just under 500 students were dealt with by university staff. Two students who discharged firearms were among 104 dealt with by police. The report did not give the number of students who were convicted of criminal offences. The vast majority of those disciplined were men.

Just over 140 students were disciplined for disorderly behaviour, up more than 60 on last year. The large rise was almost wholly due to the toga parade during last year's February orientation, and the Undie 500 weekend in September, which resulted in police arresting more than 80 people, including more than 40 university students.
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