US: Call for better treatment of non-tenured academics

A coalition of academic associations last week issued a joint statement calling on colleges to recognise that they have 'one faculty' and to treat those off the tenure track as professionals, with pay, benefits, professional development and participation in governance, writes Scott Jaschik for Inside Higher Ed.

The joint statement, "One Faculty Serving All Students", calls for colleges to adopt a series of policies that would significantly improve the treatment of adjunct faculty members at many institutions. The statement was organised by the Coalition on the Academic Workforce, and has been signed by 14 disciplinary associations as well as by the American Federation of Teachers. The disciplines involved represent such major fields as anthropology, art, composition, English, foreign languages, philosophy and religion.

Among members of the coalition, one notable non-signatory was the American Association of University Professors, where some viewed the statement as not sufficiently focused on the tenure track. But at least some adjunct leaders applauded the statement for exactly that reason.
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