SOUTH AFRICA: Students vote for secure jobs

Job security wins out over enjoyment of life when it comes to South Africa's student populace and its perceptions of future employment, writes James Monteiro for This is one of the findings of the latest student survey by employer branding specialist Magnet Communications, which interviewed a record 26,100 graduates from 23 tertiary institutions.

"It's the first time in six years of conducting this survey that the career goal to have work-life balance does not appear in the top three student career goals," said Magnet Communications MD Peter Johansson. "Economic instability in South Africa affects the perceptions of future graduates entering the working world."

In the place of balance, job security featured as second of the top three career goals listed by students. Student ambitions to become leaders or managers of people occupied pole position. To be competitively or intellectually stimulated was the third choice. The survey also pointed to the fact that students no longer wish to head offshore. Students are no longer rushing to pack their bags to gain international work experience.
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