US: University of California to up fees, increase aid

As the University of California seeks to sharply increase student fees, its president Mark G Yudof has announced plans to soften the impact with an ambitious campaign to raise $1 billion for financial aid and a policy change widening aid eligibility for more middle-income families, reports Larry Gordon for the Los Angeles Times.

The university's 10 campuses have committed to raising the $1 billion in private funds for student aid over the next four years, Yudof said. That would be double the amount the system garnered for that purpose over the last five years. It also wants to expand an existing financial aid programme to cover household incomes of up to $70,000, which would provide full coverage of fees for about 800 additional students. About half of the university's 170,000 undergraduates receive some aid, averaging $11,100 per student.

In response to reduced state funding, the UC regents next month are expected to vote on a proposal to raise undergraduate fees by $2,514 by next fall to $10,300. The cost of room, board, books and other expenses can add another $15,000 to annual bills.
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