THAILAND: Rankings or assessments?

The recent hoopla over university 'rankings' was ill-conceived because the focus should have been on self-improvement, not which university was better than another, writes Vasu Thirasak for the Bankok Post.

When the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (Onesqa) released its assessment of the quality of university-level institutions, there were complaints and a few hostilities against what most people perceived as being Thai university 'rankings'.

Onesqa was quick to emphasise that the report did not 'rank' Thailand's universities, but its voice was not heard over the boisterous din of detractors. Onesqa clarified that the main objective of the quality assessment of universities and educational institutions was to inform each university, individually, of its true quality and performance. This would empower them to improve their own performances and achieve higher quality standards in the future.
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