INDIA: Concept note on 'innovation universities'

India's 14 proposed 'innovation universities', aiming to achieve world class standards, will set new benchmarks for higher education in the country in terms of academics and autonomy, writes Akshaya Mukul for The Times of India. In a concept note the Human Resources Development Ministry said undergraduate admissions to the universities will be open to students from around the world and will involve screening and selection testing.

The ministry prefers a two-stage testing strategy. The first will be a screening process involving a standardised aptitude test in broad areas of higher learning, with the tests gauging cognitive and analytic abilities. In the second stage, candidates will write an examination that measures knowledge through essay type questions. Tests will be conducted in all state capitals and major cities of the world.

At postgraduate level, the note said, standardised aptitude tests should be done. For doctoral programmes, references from eminent academicians will supplement the results obtained at postgraduate level. As for reservation, the note stresses the socio-economic background of candidates. It makes clear that replacing the current system of caste reservation will give rise to constitutional issues and therefore it should be done on the basis of what is permissible.
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